Workshop „DIY Tattoo”, run by Aneta Bendáková

On Saturday, 29th of July Aneta Bendáková from Czech Republic run the workshop „DIY Tattoo” with tattooing bananas.
Thanks to all the people for the great interest and commitment.

Photo by Justyna Łabądź.

Lecture presentation by Aneta Bendáková and Claudia Dunn

On 26th of July 2017 artists: Aneta Bendáková (Czech Republic) and Claudia Dunn (England) show during the lecture presentation their previous work.
Moreover Aneta Bendáková run the workshop on the idea FLOW.


Exploring the city and visit in museum

The artists of this year’s Beyond Time residency are Aneta Bendáková from the Czech Republic and Claudia Dunn from England. The first artist, who came to Poland on Sunday, is Ústí nad Labem based illustrator, painter, lector & explorer of the FLOW and her focus is mainly on paintings, murals, installations and letterings. The latter, who arrived on Tuesday, is a multidisciplinary artist who in her works uses mostly installation, sculpture, photography and film. She’s interested in human behaviour and the conflict between man and nature.

Between the breaks from working on their project, the artists have had the opportunity to travel around the city with two volunteers and they seemed to enjoy the quietness of Bielsko-Biała and its architecture. They also took great interest in the Stara Fabryka Museum which they visited on Thursday, 20th July.

Text: Ewa Widnic and Marta Stachura
Pictures by Aneta Bendáková

Coming of next artist – Claudia Dunn (UK)

On Tuesday we welcomed young artist – Claudia Dunn from England.

Claudia Dunn is a multidisciplinary artist from London, currently studying at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London. Using mostly installation, sculpture, photography and film, she takes an interest in human behaviour and the conflict between man and nature, while frequently referring to our desire for a suspension of disbelief; the escapism upon which we rely to continue our day to day lives, such as forms of celebration or theatre. Claudia enjoys creating immersive experiences to explore the juxtapositions between outer and inner, such as divisions between man-made concepts, architecture and ways of living, against nature and our natural forms. Recent works have touched upon the idea of the sublime, exploring textures of mundane objects such as fish or ice in a way so as to overwhelm the viewer, creating feelings of awe not dissimilar to that which is experienced through landscapes.


The only thing that we can be sure of is that all is changing.

This sentence became very present at this point of the residency, since Carmen and Yoan, have decided to terminate the program. Therefore as a curator of the residency I decided to invite other artist instead. On Sunday we will welcome Aneta Bendáková from Czech Republic.  She is Ústí nad Labem based illustrator, painter, lector & explorer of the FLOW. Her focus is mainly on paintings, murals, installations and letterings. She is a founder of TOP workshop which is an international series of workshops and talks about visual communication, comics and typography.





Our program is still in development, because it grows with the activities of the artists, but for now we already have a few events that we would love to invite you to.

  • Monday, 10th July, 2017, 6 p.m. – inauguration of the residence, artists’s presentations ( Carmen Moreira, Yoan Robin)
  • Tuesday 25th of July, 2017 – participation in the 7th International Festival of Ephemeral Art in Sokołowsko
  • Wednesday, 26th July, 7 p.m. – summary of the first part of residence

Artists of the Beyond Time residency

In July we will host artists: Carmen Moreira from Canada and Yoan Robin from Belgium.

Carmen Moreira, who was born in South Slocan, Canada. She began her training at the McKay School of Dance in Trail and furthered her studies at the School of Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She graduated from Mount Allison University (BA Hons) in 2008. In 2011, Carmen graduated from London Contemporary Dance School (BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance).

In 2015, For SQx, Carmen’s interactive programming and performances were delivered to 70 000 people in British Columbia. In 2016, the same programming was expanded to Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta, and Saskatchewan and delivered to 120 000 people. Carmen’s work uses choreology (study of dance science and notation) and video installations to increase audience engagement in art and culture. Her work has been presented in Spain, Norway, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, New York, and Canada, and supported by Province of BC, BC Ministry of Finance and the Ministry Responsible for Multiculturalism, Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, Creative Scotland, Arts Council England, BC Arts Council, Columbia Basin Trust, Canada Council, Boeing, Canadian Tire, and Telus.


Yoan Robin: „I studied Arts in the School of Fine Arts in France and typography and graphic design in Belgium.
Since then I have participated as a graphic designer on publishing, installation, video, post-production, and website projects.

From 2013 to 2017 I have developed projects of collaborations with Nepalese craftsmen in the Kathmandu valley, through which I question the creative process.
I participated in 3 projects Kathmandu and in the mountain area.
For several years, my artistic work has tended to develop the collaborative aspect of the process.
The work context (country, city, workshop, street, landscape) influences my research and gives a new orientation to my projects.
My actual research is linked to digital art mixing video and print.”

The general title of the project is PLAY/READ, it is an installation : a book opened on a table and a video projector installed above so that an image is projected on the partially printed pages. When the reader turns the pages, a new video is screened. Each double-page corresponds to a video. A Narrative’s Promises, one of the project’s chapters is the one in development here, in Bielsko-Biała. I present texts (in the form of subtitles, voice-overs, legend, credits, colophon …) in parallel of still picture or in motion filmed in Belgium, France and Nepal. The device is a pretext to tell differently. Tell the big history or some small stories. Tell stories gleaned here and there, or invented.


In August we will welcome María Mayoral Moreno, Mexican filmmaker and visual artist and Derek Tumala a visual artist from the Philippines.

María Mayoral Moreno studied a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television at Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión, in Mexico City, focusing on film direction and complemented them with an exchange year at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film in Munich. María Mayoral’s screenplays and short films (fictional and dance films) have been awarded and shown in different film festivals and special screenings around the world. In addition to filmmaking, María Mayoral has developed a special interest in other artistic disciplines such as: painting, stop motion animation, dance, music and theatre, which she has studied in different countries such as: Mexico, Germany, Italy and Belgium. Her artistic studies and professional experience, together with her personal research about the “oniric world” has a strong influence in her artistic vision and visual language.


Derek Tumala deviates his art practice by creating works that transcend the intangible. Taking cues from futurism, science and technology, his visual approaches and conceptual derivatives convey an account of exploration, a tangible experience, a sensory reflection. He treats video as a form of light in which it transfigures an object’s state or form, fluidly altering it’s spatial nature. Light as an elusive medium challenges him to explore it’s possibilities, function and form as he negotiates tangibility. As a multidisciplinary artist working on sculpture, light, video, new media, found objects, industrial materials and performance, Tumala intersects media and technology into a singular field stimulating sensory perception. His first solo exhibition “Sacred Geometry” at Art Fair Philippines 2015 garnered a shortlist for the Ateneo Art Awards, a major emerging artist award in the Philippines; was also exhibited in Wei-LIng Gallery Malaysia and Ateneo Art Gallery Manila. Notable participations are Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 & Formosa Art Fair Taipei 2016.
Derek Tumala received his BFA with distinctions at the University of Santo Tomas,
Manila in 2006. Currently, he lives and works in Manila. He has exhibited his works in galleries and alternative spaces in the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore from painting, photography and video mapping installations. He has exhibited at Vargas Museum, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, 98B Collaboratory, Tokyo Design Week, Art in the Park, and Art Fair Philippines.